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I was ass raped

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Damn, didn't you fly great with 100 octane? List all the shit you've replaced so far. Might be your cam sensor or something.

just plain john:

--- Quote from: "87natty @ Tue May 30, 2006 3:22 pm" ---Jesus, didn't Lou bend you over to fix it? Cam, timing chain, etc? What else could be wrong? Turn up your furl pressure and swap the chip out. Try an Eric Fisher (Turbo Tweak).

Gimme a call, we'll chill sometime, and drink next to our shitty cars.
--- End quote ---
            That's Eric Marshall, not Eric Fisher. eric Fisher (Turbofish) is with gbodyparts.

Steve Wood:

Glad no one was holding their breath on that one :rofl;


Seriously, huh? Prolly *just* before he hit the the fucking Buy It Now button.


When I try to hold my breath it escapes through my fingers. It feels warm though.

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